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Litigation Support

Logan Architectural Consulting (LAC) is routinely retained to provide litigation support services as a subject matter expert consultant. For more than 20-years LAC has provided subject matter expert consulting services on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. Such services have been provided on behalf of homeowner associations, architects, engineers, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, product manufacturers, building owners, and individuals.

LAC’s litigation support services often involve disputes relating to design and construction issues. LAC has also been retained to evaluate various unique matters regarding the abatement of hazardous materials, manufacturer’s defects, and historic preservation. LAC is routinely retained to evaluate and analyze the built-environment conditions surrounding incidents involved in premises liability claims.

Many design and construction related disputes involve multiple parties due to the extensive number of alleged issues. For such claims, LAC has provided unique services relating to the performance of allocation or apportionment analyses. These services include extensive review of project related documents in order to determine the party or parties responsible for the alleged defects.

When disputes cannot be resolved through other means, Logan often serves as an expert witness and has been qualified as an expert in numerous courts and other judicial proceedings.

Please contact LAC directly to request Logan’s current Curriculum Vitae.