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Logan Architectural Consulting

After 25-years in business, The Architectural Alliance Group, LLC is now doing business as Logan Architectural Consulting (LAC). LAC is a professional architectural consulting firm, specializing in areas unique to the design and construction industry. LAC focuses on assisting clients in solving design and construction related problems. Over the years, LAC’s clients have included corporations, universities, insurance companies, architects, engineers, contractors, developers, homeowner associations, building owners, property managers, law firms, and individuals.

For the first several years in business, beginning in 1997, the firm provided Owner Representative services for the State of Colorado, overseeing the programming, design, and construction of numerous higher educational facilities. Over the past 25-years, the firm has provided professional architectural services in various capacities, including standard architectural services as the Architect-of-Record, Owner Representation, Risk Management, and Forensic Architecture – just to mention a few. LAC is routinely retained to provide litigation support services related to design and construction related claims, contract disputes, premises liability claims, and professional standard of care claims.

LAC has provided services on a myriad of project types including commercial, educational, governmental, institutional, manufacturing technologies, health and medical, information technology, historic preservation, multi-family residential, and single-family residential. Over the years, LAC has gained extensive experience both through the design development process and the forensic process in evaluating, analyzing, and understanding existing and aged facilities. This experience is extremely beneficial for clients looking to develop an understanding themselves regarding the feasibility in renovating or repairing existing buildings and facilities.

If you are in need of assistance with your project, contact LAC today to discuss how LAC can assist.